We install the absolute longest lasting, most reliable, highest lumens per watt LED fixtures

available on the market today.

 Better quality light

Custom illumination and color temperature options available

 Get more light with less energy

Highest efficacy (up to 170 lumens/watt) options available

Up to 80% Energy Savings

LED technology designed to generate more light and less heat.

Long Life, Less Replacements

Customer tested LED technology from 50,000 hr rated life to 450,000 hrs (50 years) with 5 to 15 year replacement warranties.

LED Lighting’s direct impact on

HVAC according to Section 6.2 Energy Stars Existing Building Manual (page 5)

“Large buildings ……. can experience a site energy HVAC (kWh reduction) bonus of 40 percent or more. This means that each kilowatt-hour (kWh) of reduction in annual lighting energy use yields an additional 0.4 kWh of annual reduction in HVAC energy by reducing cooling energy more than it increases required heating energy.”

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We Only Use “Best of Breed” Equipment

We design and install commercial and

heavy industrial LEDs

up to 100,000+ directional lumens per fixture.

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Rebates and other local incentives available! We are registered rebate trade allies and service providers for many utility companies, including:

  • DOMINION Power
  • PEPCO Standard and Small Biz Utilities
  • DELMARVA standard and Small Biz Utilities
  • DUKE Progress Energy
  • SMECO Utilities
  • BG&E Baltimore Utilities
  • SCE&G Utilities